Sunday, December 7, 2008

Vegan Nog

I love Silk's seasonal soymilks, and my all time favorite is their version of eggnog. Growing up I was the only person in my family who even liked eggnog and now that I can drink it guilt free as both a vegetarian and a health conscious adult (except when it comes to dessert where I accept no impostors), I'm thrilled. In comparison to dairy based eggnog, Silk's version is far healthier.

This evening my mother and I decided to put my version of eggnog to the ultimate test by adding a little bourbon. We weren't sure how it would fare in comparison to the classic version of eggnog, but figured a little bourbon never hurt anybody. The verdict:

Me: "this is amazing"

Mom: "it's so thin"

We both finished our glasses, however, and I for one will make this again. I would strongly suggest this drink to anyone searching for a healthier substitute for a classic eggnog and to those wanting to get the party started by drinking several glasses of nog (this is a more difficult feat with classic eggnog due to it's heaviness and thickness).

My version of nog won't leave you feeling guilty or bloated, but will still afford you a taste of the holidays and a trip down memory lane.

Happy holidays!


8oz Nog Soymilk
1 1/2 oz bourbon, brandy, or rum
dash of nutmeg

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